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Zurfiz is an acrylic-faced stunning range of ultra-modern made to measure doors, available in 24 on-point colour options  A mix of ultragloss solid colours, stone and metal effects, woodgrains, metalics, and supermatts.

Choose a stand-alone colour, or mix and match for the ultimate contemporary look.


See the full Zurfiz range at the foot of the page.


Cabinets finished in Driftwood, teamed with Light Grey Supermatt wall cabinets and open shelving.


Towers in Ultragloss Copperleaf, shown with island and wall cabinets in Light Grey Supermatt.


Supermatt Graphite Grey, used here as a stand-alone colour and teamed with

natural oak worktops.


Ultragloss Metalic Blue, shown with white worktop and studio height towers.


Towers shown in Gladstone Tobacco Oak, with contrasting island finished in Oriental Black.


Basalt Blue Ultragloss, teamed with Ultragloss Light Grey, which is lifted by the use of a white worktop.


Light Grey Supermatt towers,

teamed with a contrasting island in Evora Stone



Towers and Island in Matt Cashmere; wall cabinets and Island dining in Gladstone Tobacco Oak


Towers and wall cabinets shown in Supermatt White;

Island in Supermatt Light

Grey and accented with a white 40mm thick worktop.



Ultragloss Metalic Anthracite, teamed with Deep Oak Slab worktops and dining Island;


Plinths in an accent colour of Matt White.

the complete zurfiz collection . . .

Acrylic-faced Ultragloss colours -

Ultragloss White Ultragloss Cream Ultragloss Cashmere Ultrsagloss Mussel Ultragloss Limestone Ultragloss Light Grey Ultragloss Baltic Blue Ultragloss Black Ultragloss Copperleaf Ultragloss Japanese Pear Ultragloss Noce Marino

White                      Cream                   Cashmere              Mussel                   Basalt Blue            Light Grey             Black

Copperleaf            Limestone              Japanese Pear      Noce Marino

Supermatt colours -

Textures and Woods -

Metallic colours -

Supermatt White Supermatt Cashmere Supermatt Dust Grey Supermatt Light Grey Supermatt Graphite

White                    Cashmere               Light Grey              Dust Grey              Graphite               Indigo Blue

Evora Stone Graphite Oriental Black Driftwood Halifax Natural Oak Tobacco Oak

Evora Stone          Oriental Black        Driftwood            Halifax Natural Oak   Tobacco Oak        Mirror Effect

Mirror Effect Metallic Champagne Metalic Blue Metalic Anthracite Ultramatt metalic Cashmere Ultramatt Metallic Basalt

Ultramatt metallics -

Champagne           Blue                       Graphite                                                 Cashmere             Basalt                    


True-handleless kitchen shown with new Matt Grahite door and copper rail.


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our integrated handleless rail system.